Monday, January 25, 2010

New collage - May I - with video

New collage! With video!!

May I ?
or see the original scanned file on flickr (2302x1780 200dpi)

Title: May I ?
Analog Collage
Date: 2010 / 01 / 23
Size: 30x24 cm.
Magazines: National Geographic - Dec/2009 (0912) and Jan/2010 (1001) Editions.

And here's the time-lapse video (~10min) on how i did it:

or see it in youtube: Making the "May I ?" Collage or see it in vimeo

Music: silver mt zion - blown-out joy from heaven
Video software: gawker (time-lapse) & imovie09 (editing)

As you can see in the video, my cat Zumi helped me a lot... :-)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Collages - Explorando & Trail 3

Yep, i'm hopefully back into collage/photomontage!!!
Here's what i've done:



Title: Explorando.
Analog Collage by iuri kothe, made on 100108, size: 17x12 cm. Using only National Geographic - December 2009 (0912) Edition.

See the making off in Youtube:

and this:


Title: Trail 3.
Analog Collage by iuri kothe, made on 100108. size: 19x18 cm. Using only Attitude Magazine (may/jun 2007).

note: as always, just click on the images above so you can get it / see it bigger in Flickr.