Sunday, August 23, 2009

2 collages exhibited at Araka - Rio - Aug/25/09

Terça-feira agora (dia 25/08/09) vou expor duas colagens na festa Araka aqui no Rio de Janeiro.

Começa 20h no Zerozero.

Entrada R$25 ou R$15 se mandar email para



Next Tuesday (08/25/09) i'm participating at a group exhibition/party called Araka here in Rio de Janeiro. It starts 8pm at Zerozero.

Both collages will be for sale.


"Araka" - Rio [BR] - 08/25/09
O Flyer


ac_ouvir estatuas
Ouvir Estatuas



Friday, May 22, 2009

Spreadsheet of all my Collages with Date, Link, Title, Sizes etc.

Two years ago i started a nice spreadsheet (yeah, i like spreadsheets!) to keep a record on some basic info about my collages, like:

  • Date

  • Title

  • Type: Analog or Digital

  • Sizes (of the original and the scanned version)

  • Observation

  • Owner

I've finally added this list to my main website, so everyone can enjoy this overview on my artworks.

Have fun:

note: i'll be slowly adding the flickr links...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

RIA Sketching and Prototyping Tools

I'm really excited to see this soon-to-be-released RIA 'Sketching/Prototyping' apps like: Adobe's Flash Catalyst, Microsoft's SketchFlow (part of Expression Blend 3) (try-it here) and the open-source Fluidia.

I've just seen this Microsoft SketchFlow presentation and i really liked some ideas that improve what i'm currently trying to do with InDesign:

  • [~21min of the video] Easily create a component of anything to reuse on other pages . I like Master Pages, which is pretty standard, but the 'component' idea is really powerful. (InDesign does it, but here its faster)

  • [~27min] Add states to pages (i.e insert modal popups, etc): That's a pain to describe and show on static documents, with States you simply create the damn thing.

  • [~30min] Documentation: It creates a word doc of every screen and state that you can further describe... that's nice, BUT this SketchFlow app itself should have this, like powerpoint notes for each page/state [it wasn't shown, but it might have it].

  • [~37min] Sample Data handling: That's nice! it easily creates dummy or sampled databases of anything: photos, addresses, etc. I'm pretty sure that's easily plugged to the Facebook, Flickr, Freebase APIs or even connect directly to a DB.

  • [~42min] Behaviors:  add & reuse interaction patterns (like drag'n'drop) just via UI (although you can edit the code).

Hope to try this three apps very very soon...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reliable Unlimited Cheap Online Storage and Syncing Solution

So i've spend some time in the last weeks and months trying to find THE BEST solution for my problem. I have ~500GB of data that need a good damn Reliable, Unlimited Cheap Online Storage and Syncing Solution. Specifying:

  • Reasonable price: ~ 100U$/year maximum

  • Unlimited storage / bandwidth

  • Accepts any file sizes

  • Makes Backup of all my files (with versioning)

  • Syncs to multiple machines

  • Syncs external drives

  • Syncs just specific folders in each computer

  • Has shared folders (file-sharing with coworkers and friends)

  • Shares specific files via URL

  • Win, Mac and Linux client

  • Web access to download/upload files

I've searched many options, including the populars:

And none of them have at least a big part of my needs. Here is the incomplete research template i did (on google spreadsheet). I intended to finish this list but since there wasn't a perfect choice, i stopped wasting my time on this.

The big issue is that:

  • The 'Pay by GB' Solutions (amazon/rackspace) are too expensive for 100GB+

  • The 'Unlimited Backup' Solutions don't sync (Mozy etc)

  • The 'Syncing' Solutions (Dropbox etc) don't really backup (they sync) and none has unlimited storage

So i decided to wait and keep:

  • My Work Documents: Dropbox (a free 2GB account) - which nicely syncs my computers

  • My Photos & Collages: Flickr - its unlimited storage, so i still need to upload my older photos

  • My Videos: Youtube & Vimeo

  • And on the External Harddrive: 100GB of Music and 200GB of Videos (documentaries/movies) - this NEEDS some online backup....

Totally related to this, see Dan Ariely's presentation (youtube) on this year's TED, around 11min he talks about our problem dealing with choices...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wireframing and Prototyping with InDesign CS4 p1

Two years ago i wrote a post about how i used Inkscape to Wireframe & Prototype. Now FF to 2009: while inkscape's new version (0.47) is coming soon (June 09), it seems that some issues (like Font Styles & Master Pages) are still on the future roadmap. So i made some research on what people were using and found that InDesign CS4 (ID from now on) was getting popular (with Omnigraffle, Visio, Illustrator, Fireworks, Keynote, Powerpoint...). My final decision came with Nathan Curtis presentation: Unify your Deliverables.

Here are the main advantages i've seen on ID so far:

  • Master Pages and easy Embedding of other files (even indesign files, with the Frame Tool + Place)

  • Styles for Object, Paragraph & Character

But on the downside:

  • its very, very, veeeerrrryyy expensive - while inkscape is free & open source.

  • the file sizes are big and proprietary - while inkscape is a SVG: clean, lovely XML format that even notepads and browsers read

So i'll try ID out for a while...

Here are some great resources i've found so far:

more on this soon...

Google Profile URL = username = more spam?

And so i've created my google profile:

Terrible URL don't you think?

So google gives you one only option: use your google account username. Great!

Butt ass they say:
"(Note this can make your Google email address publicly discoverable.)"

Well this will be a great resource for Spammers and Pricks.

Looks like Matt Cutts - from Gmail Spam team - will have some tuff days ahead:

Thanks, but I'll stick with my lovely 24 digit number instead...

source: gmail blog

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Moondog - Spend dark night with you (musicvideo)

Moondog was the best musician/composer i've been introduced to in 2008 (via's recommendation engine).

Here's a musicvideo mix i did yesterday of Moondog's "Why spend the dark night with you" with a video i got from Enjoy below or watch it in Youtube or in Vimeo:

Or download it (from Vimeo) 7.4MB.

Monday, February 2, 2009

6 Collages with 1 National Geographic

Saturday i broke 2 of my records:

So here they are:

Holy Science:
ac_holy science


Drunk Dreaming:
ac_drunk dreaming


Tiny Beings:
ac_tiny beings


Flying Lesson:
ac_flying lesson


Gilliam meets Larson
ac_gilliam meets larson


3 2 1
ac_3 2 1

You can download the full size collages (200dpi) on my Flickr (just click on All Sizes on each image page):

Or even better, you can make them yourself:

Just buy the National Geographic Feb. 2009 (in any bookstore) and use Scissors & Glue.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Music Library


After years & years of gathering songs and transfering from one HD to the other, today i have finally tagged ALL my songs!!


  • 13242 songs = 51.9 days = 99.23GB

  • 36 Genres, 1234 Artists, 1805 Albums

My biggest problem was creating/inventing the Genres tag, as you can see in the screenshot of my iTunes (that i hate, but i'm stuck on it in my mac):

My iTunes on 090131
To read them, see the original size here.

Now my next duty is to listen & rate them ALL! including updating my profile. So keep an eye there (now i'm checking my Ethnic genres out)...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009