Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Whats happening lately

Just a little post with some updates...

- I noticed that my audio section (the player) isn't working. Gonna fix it soon...

- I received the first package from a virtual friend to make some baseball related collages (gonna get paid also!).

- I've already made the first one. I'll upload it here (if my PC resuscitate from the dead. Yes, i couldn't turn it on today and don't have a good backup of my stuff)

- Live is workin' fine on my laptop, although it asked for RAM...  So new music maybe comming soon... (i want to try MaxMSP too).

Monday, October 23, 2006

Barba, Dawn, Gaia

So here are three new analog collages (smaller than A4). Enjoy...

Barba Flower

Dawn Wanderer
Dawn Wanderer

cu y de gaia 2
cu y de gaia 2

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fun, Ensaio and H2O

Three of my somewhat bigger collages (> than A4) that i finally managed to Digitize (using this technique)!

Fun (a collaboration with Paulinho)

Ensaio sobre a Pintura: Caravaggio meets Gisele
ac_Ensaio sobre a Pintura

H2O Forever
ac_H2O Forever

How to take a Photo of a Collage

iuriBook @ sohaclarathats the way:
- using 2 lamps (40W) making a 45º light incision on the image/collage/painting;
- the ladder i've used as Manual Image Stabilization;
- to further the Stabilization process i've made a 2s SelfTimer.
- Then, afterwards on photoshop you might use Levels>SetWhitePoint to make to white, white! (because of the bad light).

It (kind of) works like a charm, altough i prefer my scanner for the smaller collages. So now you'll see 2 bigger analog collages i've made on 2004 and 2005 (and hadn't worked out a way to digitalize them - they're framed!)

Wednesday, October 4, 2006


iuriBook @ sohaclaraSo that's my first laptop: iBook G4 (14inch / 1.2GHz / 256RAM / 60GB).
I'm gradually moving my dialy life to it (obviously called: iuriBook).
Since i'm still learning how to use OS X (i'm on 10.4.8 now).
Thanks Kike for this great deal!!

Impressions on how i'm dealing laptop / OSX and mobile life to come...

managing iTunes on OSX

ok, iTunes sucks, but since i don't have musikCube on my iuriBook (OSX) [will post about it soon], i'll have to get around with it. So i figured out how to manage my folders without iTunes messing the names (and having a Watched Folder).
On "Preferences > Advanced", uncheck both 'keep iTunes folder organized' and 'copy files iTunes music folder...'

So this way i can add my songs, the way i like (Genre/Artist/Album). And everytime i update my library (manually copying the song to my Music Folder) i just need to update it by selecting "File > Add to Library..." and choose my Music Folder.

So the songs that where already there don't loose their ratings. And i can move the songs around the folders and it still keeps track of them.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Collage, like any other stuff, really works only if you're inspired.
Two hours ago (0h00 of 09/16) i started one. Again, using only one Magazine, which was, of course a National Geographic.
So i used the US Edition of July 2006, which has nice Panda photos.

I took some photos during the gluing process, enjoy:

1. all images (+source) and material (glue, scissor, black 'cartolina')

2. Cutting the Panda's legs out!

3. Gluing the Panda (i'm using this as Wallpaper):

4. Finished!, now i've to cut the collage out of the black paper (cartolina):

5. So it looks this way:

Done in 1h!
+ 1h for flickr&blog. (2am now)... going to bed.
You can see this photos bigger here.
Update: Here is the Edited Panda Collage.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Reijseger Sylla Gueye Trio

Yesterday i saw an amazing concert: Ernst Reijseger, Mola Sylla & Serigne Gueye. I think they're playing mostly the Janna album (Get it here, and sent me a copy please [got it!]: ).
I've uploaded this video of the trio playing, but i didn't cared about image, only the audio.
I've found also some other project of them in video: Groovy and Double Duty.


Thursday, September 7, 2006

Collages for Sale

I still don't know how i will manage the transportation of the artworks since from Brazil its amazingly expensive to make international delivery but i've just added the Collages For Sale section here on my website. Enjoy!

By the way, for now, i won't be pricing the collages, so i want you to tell me how much you want to pay for it. Cool isn't it?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


baseStatueBallFinally, after more than 9 months i finally manage to finish a digital collage (or should i start calling all this photomontage?). Well, i think i took so long because of my M.Sc. (july), than my work (until last week their was ‘heavy duty’ there) and because i’m trying to credit the people’s photos i’ve used (this take some time).
I like to get access to the source-material of everything. So i’ll really try to show where i got it (but it will be hard for the Analog collages). Check out more info of this image at official page for: the baseStatueBall. Doesn’t it look like a Tribal Statue?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

iPod died and how i recovered it

Last Sunday my iPod (video) died. The battery didn't charged anymore and nothing happened plugging it into my PC. So i left it alone for 2 days and some minutes ago i checked on the iPod support website. Fortunatelly the First of the Five Rs solved my problem: the Reset function:

  1. Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Slide it to Hold, then turn it off again.)

  2. Press and hold the Menu and Select buttons until the Apple logo appears, about 6 to 10 seconds. You may need to repeat this step.

Thanks almighty electroniks!
If you happen to have some other unsolved problems, you can also try the iPod discussion forum.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Nice, very nice! Just found out about GUBA. Its a VideoLog, similar to YouTube, Metacafé, Revver and GoogleVideo, but with a nice diference, you can easily find some Documentaries there (and download them too). Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Finally i've managed to upload all my collages (finish the 2004 ones today).
Ok, not all collages are there, only the ones i had a copy on my computer and liked to share here. I have now 106 online. Hope you like it:

I tried to share them with the highest quality possible, so you can download, remix or print. My next steps are:

  • Make some digital collages;

  • Add a "collaborations" section (but how to organize it?);

  • Add a "for sale" section of my analog ones;

  • Try some bigger (> 1m) analog collages;

Thursday, August 3, 2006


So here are some photos i took in Brasilia last month (some with the new camera).
And check this video out: Brasilia 360º (8min).
If you prefer, download it from Brasilia360 (60MB from

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Just bought me a Canon SD700 IS. I'm not sure if this is the best one for my needs:
1. take photos of my bigger (non-scannable) collages
2. take photos without flash and not lookin' at the display
3. make short movies

But its surelly better than the Canon A320 i had until now. For 2. and 3. i think it will be amazing, but for 1., maybe a dSLR might do it. So check out my flickr in the next weeks to see if the photos got at least less blurred.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Brasilia: 1993-2003
Ten Years (aka my adolescence) spent here.
Sigma, UnB, Biking, Climbing, Parties, Trips and Friends,
Lots of crazy, weird, different friends. Thanks...
This week that i'm here, i got very sure that my life in this alien city was amazing.
Hope to come back more often now.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kinds of Geniuses

Wired published an very interesting article about the two kinds of geniuses.
I'm not saying that i'm a genius, but the way i work, both on collage (images) and improvising on the piano, i'm an Experimentalist. I never know what will be the result.
Hopefully i'll be an Old Master, rather than an Young Genius (Nice to know that i'm going to get better, not worse :). So, as David Galenson (papers) discovered, (if) i'll get some money for my artworks, it will be when i'm older.
Listen also to Malcolm Gladwell's presentation on David Galenson.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

You Shouldn’t Forget Nature

Now i've finished my M.Sc., i'm back to the art of collaging.
Here is the one i did this weekend.

Check also this "Collaging Nat Geo Feb/06" video out.
Its the early stage of this collage. I'm happy to be back!!!

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Selfness Art

I'm a big fan of documentaries and lectures; and of course free sharing of it.
So 2 weeks ago i downloaded a presentation of Jorge Cortell (thanks for blogging me) on this MVGroup thread (register to login), just because i was going (and went) to the iSummit, so i could learn a little about intelectual property.
I agree with Jorge's SELFNESS idea: that all of our works are selfness beings (like, for example, your son, you [kind of] 'make' it [with someone else], but he's not yours).
Really, if you make a song, it has it's own 'live'.

Speaking specifically on artworks now (don't know yet if it applies to science etc.).
Creative Commons Licenses are nice, but they still limit artists. For example, if i listen to a song and want to remix it, why pay attention to the License? We should be a collaborative society! Of course i will always try to show from whom i have remixed, so if one likes a work (s)he can go back to the original sources.

My advice is, don't read the licenses, just do your art.
So even if my artworks aren't on the SELFNESS license (it doesn't exist yet), feel free to use or remix it.

But how to get sustained by it?
Unfortunatelly our society isn't yet ready to the Donation idea. But as soon as electronic money transfer gets easier and more secure, i think it will start happening.
So if you like or use one's work you can easily help him/her to make more.

Update: Here's another video of Cortell's Selfness ideas (direct download [in OGM]).

Monday, July 3, 2006

Ghiroma’s First DJ Set

Ghiroma Ghiroma [Folopo and I (Felaiuki)] played our first DJ set yesterday (20060702) on the Projeto Mix Festival. The vibe was amazing. Check out the photos here.
We played songs of: Lalgudi Jayaraman, Fela Kuti, Bobby McFerrin, Flanger, Lee Morgan, Lotus, Murcof and other stuff.

Our next step is to play live...

Soon, very soon...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Master in Science

Just got my M.Sc. degree!!!
Everything went calm and fine.
Now i have to finish some
minor corrections & burocracy
and then it begins:
RIO 2.0

I'm curious to see what will happen!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

k-web videos

Here are two videos that show what James Burke's Knowledge Web is:

The project is fascinating and if you want to help, get more info on how to volunteer on k-web.

Saturday, June 3, 2006


Yesterday i received my first donation: 10US$ from San Francisco. So check out how my budget is and on what i've spend the money so far.

The Donators message:
I love your art and I would like to help you make more art and show more art in San Francisco. All the best and thank you!

Thanks a lot!


If you have time and money, go to the Montreux Jazz 2006 to see the following:

Thursday, June 1, 2006


Finally, after 3 years in Rio (he also lives here)
i saw Egberto Gismonti playing again.
Last (and first) time was in PercPan 1999 (Salvador)
playing a PVC tube, piano, guitar.

If you don't know him try:
Agua & Vinho; Salvador; Loro; Frevo; Maracatu.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


So here's a song i did using only cibelle's "noite de carnaval" loops.
Download it here (right-click >> Save Link as...):

or listen directly here:

I highly advice you to check Cibelle's website out.
And see two of her musicvideos:Gracefully andAbout a Girl.

salvia velez

salve velez
drala divina

Thursday, May 18, 2006

your monkey genes

Looks like the Chimp-Human split happened only 5.4 million years ago. So my "genes baby" collage is more recent then i thought!
Nice quoting of Wired's post on this:
"My problem is imagining what it would be like to have a bipedal hominid and a chimpanzee viewing each other as appropriate mates, not to put it too crudely." Dr Lieberman.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

e-learning with mp3 players

I'm sure 98% of the songs/stuff on everyone's mp3 player don't worth the bits they use. So here's an advice for ya all.
One great use of my 60GB iPod these days is to learn french on my bike ride everyday to work. The 30min lessons from Pimsleur is the exact timing for my ride, and i can repeat out loud the pardon's, bonjour's, excusez-moi's. Much better than sitting in a classroom repeating, reading and writing all-at-once. You just need one (and difficult) thing: discipline.
Very soon i'll try out some podcasts, like IT Conversations, but thats another post.

pleasure of finding things out

I just saw an excelent BBC documentary from their Horizon series. Its an 49min interview with Richard Feynman about "The pleasure of finding things out".  If you're curious about: education, organizations, nature, chess, religion and quantum physics, you should definitely check it out:
BBC Horizon - Feynman - "The pleasure of finding things out"
(free on google video)

"The thing that doesn't fit is the most interesting" (around 28min)
"How to teach: be confusing, chaotic..." (around 40min)

I personally hope that more and more people continue sharing great documentaries.
If you know some links, send me!

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Firefox Extensions

Seems that you also use internet. What i do on every computer i have to use and i highly recommend you is to use the Firefox browser ( There are plenty of extensions for almost anything you can imagine as beeing useful. Take a look on my list of firefox extensions.
------| em Portuga |------

Já que, pelo visto você também usa internet, eis uma dica fundamental para você navegar na web: usar o Firefox ( O grande esquema dele é poder instalar algumas extensões para ler RSS, postar no Delicious, baixar videos de sites, tirar screenshots, gerenciar multiplos gmails etc. Veja a minha lista das extensões do firefox.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Donation - the “new” economy

So now i've created an PayPal account (its the white button on the right column) where you can donate money to support me and my art. This "new" way of economy should really get more adepts, people gettin' paid for what they like to do and receiving how much the paying side has and wants to offer.

This is already happening with OpenSource Softwares and Websites like Wikipedia. Now its time to extend this to other business and specially to art. In electronic music this already started with netlabels like Thinner/Autoplate and some others where you can freely download and share song using CreativeCommons Licenses. And you donate how much YOU want and "think" he's needing. I'm saying "think" because none of them (art projects) shows how much was received and in what it was used like wikipedia does.

That's why i've created the budget link where i'll show what i bought, whom i supported, how much i received etc...

I'll use this money to buy art'n'tech stuff and to donate to other projects and people the i sympathize with.


Here is the status of my received donations:

  • Total in 2008: 40.00 US$

  • Total in 2007: 00.00 US$

  • Total in 2006: 10.00 US$

If you want to help me, visit my 'about' page.
Thanks, iuri

Saturday, April 22, 2006

This blog has moved

This blog has moved 

Check out:

Bobby McFerrin

I finally found (and bought) the Spontaneous Inventions DVD of Bobby McFerrin. A must have!I found a 2005 concert of Bobby McFerrin in Flac free to download (songlist here). But you must ask for FTP login (enter it here).

You can see some McFerrin videos:

World 2.0

Probably 99% of the humans aren’t aware of what’s happening to us right now. To give you some brief insight’s check this links out:


Iuri Kothe's Art Curriculum

A short biography

Born in the city of São Paulo, Brazil (1980), Iuri Kothe dedicates remarkable talent to the art of collage since 2003 – both analog, with pieces of magazine photographs, and digital, with pictures processed on Photoshop.
His images show good precision, aesthetic appeal and high suggestive impact and have attracted the attention of journalists, who see a peculiar form of communication; and other artists, stimulated to bring them to public exhibition.

Other Movements

Iuri Kothe began to study classic piano at the age of six and today starts experimental electronic production with samplers, synths and programs – a musical expression of the visual collages that he makes with paper and mouse. With Felipe Barbirato forms the duo Ghiroma, which explores textures and ambiences.
Iuri lived in Rostock [Germany], some Brazilian cities and is now established in Rio de Janeiro. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a M.Sc. in Digital Audio Processing.
Iuri volunteered in 2005 at Espaço Logos Sagrado - Rio de Janeiro, teaching art to poor children in a slam; and was part of the production staff of Fashion Real show, at Parque Laje (RJ), in September 11th, 2004, with social causes.


new: see where I exhibited in my google maps




  • 08/09 - 08/19 : Visões Dub : Galeria Mínima in Rio de Janeiro [BR] | (flyer) | Collage: "Dub";

  • Virtual exhibition of six digital collages at the french digital collage blog;

  • Iuri did a collage workshop in the electronic music festival "Waves of Peace", near Angra dos Reis [BR] in May;

  • Exhibition of digital collages in the electronic music festival "Satori", in Mandala Island, near Angra dos Reis [BR] in May;

  • Featured artist at the art website of the scottish Lindsay Barrie;

  • 13 analog collages sent to the "7th Bakers Dozen International Collage Exchange". Ten were resent to the other artists; One was exhibited (and sold) in New Plymouth, New Zealand; One went to the permanent collection of The Learning Connexion, New Zealand; One was exhibited in Durango, Colorado in June/05 and finally went to the International Museum of Collage in Mexico;


Other Appearances (Magazines, Paper Illustrations, CD Covers etc):


  • Brazilian News [digital collage] as illustration of a text in the july's edition of the magazine "Agito Rio";

  • Andorinha [digital collage] as illustration of a text in the june's edition of the magazine "Agito Rio";

  • Ilustration (8 collages) of an article about "World Social Forum 2005" written by Joana Coccarelli. Read it here (in portuguese);

  • FordWeb [digital collage] was made for an article about "Volunteer Networks" written by Bruno Ayres & Fabiano Morais. Read it here (in portuguese);

  • 2 handmade collages ("Roots, Rock & Revolution", "Copacabana") became CD cover of the band Projeto R3;


  • handmade collage for Fashion Real ("Fashion Real") was printed as outdoor ad in Rio;

  • handmade collage "Daphne" published on Natércia's book: "Az Mulerez";

Other Art Related Projects


  • July 2006 - Started DJing with Folopo as the duo: Ghiroma;


  • volunteered at Espaço Logos Sagrado for 5 months teaching art classes to favela children of Rio de Janeiro;


  • helped on the organization of "Fashion Real", that happened in Parque Lage (Rio de Janeiro) on 11th September. More information about Pret-a-Precaire on;

Friday, April 21, 2006


ac_Machine Nature

Analog Collage made in 02/10/06. Using only images of the National Geographic June 1996 Edition. My first Analog Collage of 2006.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Analog Collage: “cu y de gaia”

Analog Collage: "cu y de gaia"

this one is hanged on my fridge.

Blog online

So now i have a blog (again). Hopefully i'll use this one to:

  • post my new artworks;

  • write about things: webstuff, softwares and cool links and articles.

And i'll do this in english. Maybe i'll write some posts in portuguese, specially some tutorials on web stuff and softwares, but i'll tag them as "Portugues" (its Portuguese in Portuguese, without the accent: "Português").


The artworks i'm sharing here are all free for download and sharing.
I do this in my free time and maintain it by my work @ Portal do Voluntário.

If you want to help me, visit my donation page.

Feel free to contact me for any questions, suggestions, critics etc.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

How to organize my images on Flickr?

I want to organize my collages so one can have a nice navigation on my website.
I'm thinking in the following way:

  • Collages All

  • Collages Digital

  • Collages Handmade

  • Collages HighQuality

  • Photos All

  • Photos Animals

  • Photos Nature

  • Photos Humans

But because of the sizes of the sets (up to 100 images in each (i hope)) all these sets could be subGrouped by YEAR so one can see the "evolution" and navigate trough the years and types.

Why? i would like to see for example:

  • CollagesDigital + 2005

Wouldn't you find it usefull?

Possible solutions:

1. Type>Set and Year>Tag
I can create a Set for each Type and give a tag for each year

  • there's no API to retrieve all tags from a specific Tag.

2. Type>Tag and Year>Tag

Looks like this could work (e.g. CollagesDigital+2005)

  • this might get very slow if i have many photos... or not? be written more... soon, very soon...

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Web2.0 para iniciantes

Abaixo alguns conselhos para facilitar a sua vida na internet. Vou completando isso aos poucos.

  • Navegador: Esqueça o Internet Explorer, instale o Firefox: Tem o Flock também, mas não achei nada especial nele.

  • Sites Favoritos: Crie uma conta no Delicious. e compartilhe seus sites favoritos. Sim, todo mundo terá acesso aos seus sites favoritos. Essa é a idéia, COMPARTILHAR informação que presta!

  • Agora, para tornar o bookmark pelo delicious rápido, instale esta extensão do Delicious para o Firefox;

  • Eventos: Na sua cidade, compartilhe os eventos que você acha interessante pelo: (exemplo: Eventos no Rio de Janeiro);

  • Fotos: Esqueça o fotolog. Use o Lá você tem milhares de opções para organizar suas fotos por sets e tags., além de poder fazer uma API e mostrar elas no seu site (saca só como ficou no meu);

  • Videos: Eu comecei a usar o YouTube (o Flickr do video), mas cansei da logo deles nos meus videos e resolvi usar o GoogleVideo (upload pelo UploadVideoGoogle). Tudo bem, o GoogleVideo não tem tags, nem comentários, mas o PutOnSite de qualquer video é o bicho. Veja como ficam os videos no meu site.

  • Texto: Gostei bastante do para escrever textos em colaboração.