Wednesday, February 8, 2006

How to organize my images on Flickr?

I want to organize my collages so one can have a nice navigation on my website.
I'm thinking in the following way:

  • Collages All

  • Collages Digital

  • Collages Handmade

  • Collages HighQuality

  • Photos All

  • Photos Animals

  • Photos Nature

  • Photos Humans

But because of the sizes of the sets (up to 100 images in each (i hope)) all these sets could be subGrouped by YEAR so one can see the "evolution" and navigate trough the years and types.

Why? i would like to see for example:

  • CollagesDigital + 2005

Wouldn't you find it usefull?

Possible solutions:

1. Type>Set and Year>Tag
I can create a Set for each Type and give a tag for each year

  • there's no API to retrieve all tags from a specific Tag.

2. Type>Tag and Year>Tag

Looks like this could work (e.g. CollagesDigital+2005)

  • this might get very slow if i have many photos... or not? be written more... soon, very soon...

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