Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Selfness Art

I'm a big fan of documentaries and lectures; and of course free sharing of it.
So 2 weeks ago i downloaded a presentation of Jorge Cortell (thanks for blogging me) on this MVGroup thread (register to login), just because i was going (and went) to the iSummit, so i could learn a little about intelectual property.
I agree with Jorge's SELFNESS idea: that all of our works are selfness beings (like, for example, your son, you [kind of] 'make' it [with someone else], but he's not yours).
Really, if you make a song, it has it's own 'live'.

Speaking specifically on artworks now (don't know yet if it applies to science etc.).
Creative Commons Licenses are nice, but they still limit artists. For example, if i listen to a song and want to remix it, why pay attention to the License? We should be a collaborative society! Of course i will always try to show from whom i have remixed, so if one likes a work (s)he can go back to the original sources.

My advice is, don't read the licenses, just do your art.
So even if my artworks aren't on the SELFNESS license (it doesn't exist yet), feel free to use or remix it.

But how to get sustained by it?
Unfortunatelly our society isn't yet ready to the Donation idea. But as soon as electronic money transfer gets easier and more secure, i think it will start happening.
So if you like or use one's work you can easily help him/her to make more.

Update: Here's another video of Cortell's Selfness ideas (direct download [in OGM]).