Sunday, April 23, 2006

Donation - the “new” economy

So now i've created an PayPal account (its the white button on the right column) where you can donate money to support me and my art. This "new" way of economy should really get more adepts, people gettin' paid for what they like to do and receiving how much the paying side has and wants to offer.

This is already happening with OpenSource Softwares and Websites like Wikipedia. Now its time to extend this to other business and specially to art. In electronic music this already started with netlabels like Thinner/Autoplate and some others where you can freely download and share song using CreativeCommons Licenses. And you donate how much YOU want and "think" he's needing. I'm saying "think" because none of them (art projects) shows how much was received and in what it was used like wikipedia does.

That's why i've created the budget link where i'll show what i bought, whom i supported, how much i received etc...

I'll use this money to buy art'n'tech stuff and to donate to other projects and people the i sympathize with.

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  1. oi :) Sou a Sofia do Human Artifacts...this is such a great idea. I've been having so much problems to find money to do my art because unfortunatly I can't work all year and I think this is a great idea hope you'll be receiving a lot more wish I could give you now, maybe in a very near future .