Wednesday, October 4, 2006

managing iTunes on OSX

ok, iTunes sucks, but since i don't have musikCube on my iuriBook (OSX) [will post about it soon], i'll have to get around with it. So i figured out how to manage my folders without iTunes messing the names (and having a Watched Folder).
On "Preferences > Advanced", uncheck both 'keep iTunes folder organized' and 'copy files iTunes music folder...'

So this way i can add my songs, the way i like (Genre/Artist/Album). And everytime i update my library (manually copying the song to my Music Folder) i just need to update it by selecting "File > Add to Library..." and choose my Music Folder.

So the songs that where already there don't loose their ratings. And i can move the songs around the folders and it still keeps track of them.


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