Friday, September 15, 2006


Collage, like any other stuff, really works only if you're inspired.
Two hours ago (0h00 of 09/16) i started one. Again, using only one Magazine, which was, of course a National Geographic.
So i used the US Edition of July 2006, which has nice Panda photos.

I took some photos during the gluing process, enjoy:

1. all images (+source) and material (glue, scissor, black 'cartolina')

2. Cutting the Panda's legs out!

3. Gluing the Panda (i'm using this as Wallpaper):

4. Finished!, now i've to cut the collage out of the black paper (cartolina):

5. So it looks this way:

Done in 1h!
+ 1h for flickr&blog. (2am now)... going to bed.
You can see this photos bigger here.
Update: Here is the Edited Panda Collage.

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