Friday, January 26, 2007

image tagging (iptc, exif, xmp)

Like i did last year (or was it 2005?) with my music - because managing 90GB of mp3 isn't easy in the folder hierarchy and i the iPod needs the basic Artist, Title, Genre tags - this year is time to tag my images (photos and collages).

So i found some softwares that would to the job: Exifer, PixVue ... (more here). For now, the best one to batch rename is Adobe's Bridge (which i always found very slow and unbrowsable). This is nice because the IPTC tags are industries standard and written directly inside the JPEG or PSD file (not like iTunes and iPhoto!!!).

Another great feature is that the keywords (tags), title and descriptions are read by flickr! So i don't need to write the infos twice, and they are stored in the file!

Now i would like to know one nice cross platform viewer and iptc browser... something faster than Brigde please!

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