Thursday, February 15, 2007

a nonlinear rio sampa trip

A Nonlinear Rio Sampa Trip

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Filmed on March/09/2006 with my old (and dead) Canon PowerShot A300 digital camera, during a flight from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo. I remember that i had a terrible hangover that day, almost stayed in bed. The song is Drala, from Glen Velez (i'm sure he don't mind that i used it : ).

And i edited it on Feb/13&14/2007 (yesterday and before, at night) with (the crappy) iMovie. Crappy because i realised during this edition that singleTrack editing is too limited. Example, the part that wents black (in 2min) is because i couldnt anchor the clips to the audio. So during the 'audio syncing' on the latter clips, it moved a little the backwards clip to the right, so i got a nice black gap there... terrible! Anyway, i'm trying to install Final Cut Pro here, hope it runs...

iMovie and Mirror EffectI used only the basic effects and transitions, and one that i specially love is the mirror effect. I've seen it many times, but one video that uses it the best (and yes, mine is a kind of homage to this) is the music video of Four Tet - She Moves She (see here or here). Mirror effect works very well for minimal music (i tried using other four tet, steve reich, but i preferred glen velez). Here is a screenshot of iMovie and its mirror effect:

This my first finished attempt to edit video and specially trying to sync it with the music. So i hope that with practice i can get my ideas into reality (and, of course, random beauties are also welcomed).

PS: Another related video i've made is Brasilia 360º (unedited but very nice).

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