Saturday, January 15, 2011

Warps - new digital photomontage


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Title: Warps
Digital Photomontage / Collage by iuri kothe, made on 110114.
Using a photo a took in 2010: 100916 morro de sao paulo 014 (haven't uploaded it anywhere yet).
Mainly selecting triangles & freeforms and using the amazing warp transformation feature.

Long time i don't try a digital collage (crazy, the last digital one was in 2007 with photos i took in boipeba - an island near morro), and the last times i've tried an analog one, nothing came out. i think i'm a little tired of making the same style again, so i tried some new directions...

my main inspiration was this montage by anatoly: "Persistent Pyramids".

obs: i've finally started to code my own website (in rails), hope to release it as open source soon...

obs2: i've changed the Creative Commons of my Flickr photos just to 'Attribution' (more info on CC-by here). basically you can use, share, remix & sell, burn, ... given you remember to credit me somewhere ;-)

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