Wednesday, July 11, 2007

exhibition in New Zealand

This might be the last exhibition place of the Human Artefakts Collages World Tour, which started in 2006 and went trough USA, Germany and is now in New Zealand.
I'm showing there 2 collages: 'SELF' and 'Human Alien Artefakts';

Here is the presentation from the Festival's website:
"Ever since Picasso and Braque first coined the term at the beginning of the twentieth century, collage (from the French coller, 'to paste') has played a significant role in the hands of those artists sensitive to its potential in a modern world saturated with mass media images and disposable forests of paper.

Accumulations & Transformations brings together two collage-based international shows. Human Artefakts is an international collage and assemblage exhibition featuring 50 artists from USA, Australia, Brazil, Romania, Russia, France, Canada, Mexico, Germany and NZ including Lise Menu (France), Truman Capone (USA), Maria Nichita (Romanaia), luri Kothe (Brazil) and Dale Copeland (NZ).

The Republic of Letters is an international book art project featuring among others Cordula Kagemann (Germany), Dale Copeland (NZ), Linda Wood Feldman (USA), Mimi Shapiro (USA), Tricia Burr (USA/ Russia), Mary ellen Long (USA), Hans-Jurgen Korner (Germany) and Janet Jones (USA)."

Very nice isn't it? : )

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