Thursday, July 26, 2007

On making music

I'm now trying to make two songs, one i started July 17th (9 days ago), using 'Arvo Pärt - Für Alina' cut-ups. And the other, March 28h (4 months). But i can't finish them...

I work with it for a night, than sleep over, try to listen the next day in other environment (while biking specially), than some days later i go add some and change other parts, but almost always i have trouble liking it as a whole.

One thing i noticed is that the songs change completely on different speakers and headphones. What i find interesting on the computer sucks, on the iPod or at my home stereo. It has to do with equalization, i think. Some beautiful timbres and harmonies simply disappear on some speakers, other parts get unnecessary focus, like some vocal percussion i'm trying out from freesound.

Probably this two songs won't be released. I'm pretty sure (today at least) that they lack in structure, are too repetitive (while not being minimal, as i wanted). But i'm learning... This remembers me Andy Goldsworthy (in the Rivers and Tides documentary) describing (during one 'implosion') that every time his egg-stone sculpture 'implodes' due to gravity, he learns a little more about the stone... then after some trials, he makes it.

I shall now try a new one, starting with Diplo's tip: "Start with the perfect bass loop".
Hopefully this will be a collaboration with Folopo, with our hibernated Ghiroma project.

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