Friday, August 31, 2007

my collage in the 2008 calendar

I'm participanting in the selection to the 2008 calendar entitled "Global Artists for Peace".
The artworks are here:

My collage is the SELF, done using only images of the National Geographic (Dec 2004).

You can vote in 10 collages until next tuesday (Sept/04).
Just email your preferences to: dale(at)
with the subject : "vote for Peace images"
(example: iuri kothe - self)

On the bottom of the page you can also order the Calendar.
thanks, iuri

UPDATE (Sept/05/07): My collage WAS SELECTED!!! Thanks for all votings. iuri

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  1. Hi! I am glad that you have a blog now! Congratulations on participating with the Peace Project. We need more artists like you in this world. Nice to see your new work too. Bravo :)