Friday, November 23, 2007

Trips and News

Long time i don't focus on my artsy site...
Happens i was (still am) working a lot. Went 2 times to USA and 1 to Spain (for work meetings) but of course i did some culture expeditions (in Madrid, New York and Seattle).
I took a lot of photos (btw i should add a new Photos section here, but know that they are all in my Flickr Photos collection).
My last trip was to Madrid (last week) and i came up with tagging my favorite photos. (btw2 i'm spending too much time trying to organize myself by tagging, managing photos, cut-ups etc... should try to take a break on this).
One sidenote: why the heck can't we take photos in museums and exhibitions in Madrid? Even Andy Goldswhorty's WOOD! Anyway, i obviously ignored the signs and happened to take lovely pics.

So now i'm back to collaging and below is a collage i'm for some months trying to finish (as it was yesterday):

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  1. Welcome back. We missed you and your amazing artwork!