Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bebum Collage

ac_Bebum, originally uploaded by iurikothe. Made on 081023, size: 22.5x14.5 cm.

On my last post i was struggling because i couldn't see any relationship between the images i had (newest National Geographics).

So today, there i go again trying to use only the November 2008 edition of the Nat.Geo. but the collage was getting very very cliche: using monkey and chimps and making a 'human's destroy nature' collage, which i got really tired of doing. I want something new...

So while trying to make a collage these two images where together on the side, the drunk mexican and the primate (yes, i like primates). So i played a little with both and there we had a nice connection.


1 comment:

  1. agora que eu me liguei no texto.
    só tinha visto a foto do fotolog...

    cara, eu entendo vc estar cansado de colagens de humanos fucking the nature. mas nao para de se dedicar a essa tema nao.