Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My first and second collages made in USA

As you all know, keeping yourself organized is still a pain. I made two collages in Seattle in this 3 months that i was there (now i'm in Brazil, but monday i'm back there). And after finishing comes the pain of documenting them: taking photo (at least i stopped scanning them), tagging, adding to my collages excel with sizes and sources, editing on photoshop, uploading to flickr, and finally posting them on this blog...

Enough sad, here they are (click on the images to see them bigger in flickr - click All Sizes above the image there):

Size: 28x36 cm.
Date: 080808.
Source: Nat Geos US: 0808, 0807, 0505


Size: 48x68.5 cm.
Date: 080901.
Source: Nat Geos US: 0305, 0807, 0208, 0402, 0601, 0401, 0405.

Hopefully i'll show you some more collages in the upcoming seattle rainy winter months : )


  1. Wonderful work!

    I definitely will print someones some day!

    I love your work!

  2. Well, just following some practices from the "Fabianismo".

    I'm trying "teletrabajo" from here. To see if it is possible.

    For now I looks great (with some little issues)

    I wrote some things about in on:

    If you want to give it a try.


  3. one word: WOW!!! :)

    loved them!

    i´m still on the scan phase of my works... why photographing them is better? what do you do to get those fine pics?

  4. Jojo,

    scanning the big ones is impossible (they are bigger than A4 scanner).

    And afterwards, you need to adjust the colors on Photoshop.

    I'll do it with one of yours to show the difference...