Sunday, September 7, 2008


My most beloved sports (or should i say 'the only ones i like') are Cycling and Climbing. In Rio i just cycled, mostly to work:

Here in Seattle i'm starting with both again (check this riding video). Hopefully i can manage them in rainy winter!

Now a new sport is coming into mind, flying. Yesterday i came across a basejumping video, which was (of course) an accident video (no, I won't link to it). I never found basejumping something very special. So much work and risk for just some seconds 'flying' didn't make sense. But the accidented guy (who broke a leg only) had a wingsuit, which gives you so more control to glide around. This wingsuit is something to consider!

Check this and tell me you won't like to fly:


  1. This looks the riskiest thing you can do with your body!! I think this is not a very good idea.. Imagine if the wind changes suddenly...

  2. I agree with Bruno.
    However I share your passion for flying. You can consider something more stable in the wind maybe a parachute or an ala delta?

    BTW, I started to train for my cycling travel for Brazil, it will be the next year.