Friday, September 12, 2008

Print my collages for 'free'

I just enabled the 'Print & More' option on all my images (photos and collages) for all flickr members.

So if you want to print and frame, make a book or calendar out of my collages, just:

  • login/register into

  • select one/some of my collages

  • and order the prints

Note: I won't receive anything from flickr (that reason for the 'free' on the title).

So if you happen to do it, just drop me an nice email: (at)

Example: My favorite collages and the print option:
flickr print collages


  1. Probably I will get some of them ;) and invite you a (couple) beer the next time that we met.

  2. Great Diego!
    Not sure if they deliver in Bogota though.

    Anyway, you can download the original sizes and print anywhere...

    see ya, iuri